The first step of every power quality analysis process is power quality measurement.
The process of power quality monitoring includes the following steps:


  • Get to know the site and the "problematic" loads
  • Understand the operation profile of the facility
  • Learn the known issues and when they occur
  • Select the right power quality analyzer
  • Decide about the connection points


  • Connect the power quality monitor
  • Verify accurate connection (voltages, currents, powers)
  • Set the power quality logger to highest sampling rate


  • Turn on as many loads as possible
  • Manually connect/disconnect capacitor steps while monitoring the harmonics
Don't know where to start? Contact us and we will guide you with the whole process from selecting the most suitable Power Quality Analyzers, understanding you problem or even perform the whole measurement session.
When the measurements are finished, it is the time to start the analysis step.