About Us

PowerQualityDoctor.com is not a company. It is an initiative. It was founded by a power quality guru to provide better understanding of this issue.

Currently this initiative is carried out only by myself. However, I invite other power quality professionals to join and help providing the free knowledge.

Our Experience Shows!

I worked for 19 years in a world leader power quality solution provider and gained valuable experience. Two years ago I moved to new position and since then many people asked me for recommendations for their power quality analysis. I helped all of them and when they offered to pay me I answered: "I do it for fun. Some people hunt animals in the wood, some shoot pictures for fun and I troubleshoot electrical network".

Why Use Us!

The objective of meters' manufacturers is to sell as many products as possible, the objective of solutions manufacturers is to install their own solution at your facilty while the target of consultants is to do the minimum for what you pay. PowerQualityDoctor.com is free from all aspects - you don't have to pay anything and it is free from any financial limitations or obligations. This makes it the only place that can provide you the most objective and professional recommendation.