Our Engineers

Our analysis services are provided by experienced engineers with cumulative experience of tens of years:
Eng. Bercholz Menachem, B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, began his career as operations and maintenance engineer. At 1997 he entered into the field of power quality. During the years Menachem carried out thousands of power quality improvement processes from measurements, analysis to implementing and commision power quality solutions.

Eng. David Oswaldo Niño Bohórquez, B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, B.Sc in
Mechanical Engineering and M. Sc in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in
power systems has been involved in electrical testing and commissioning, in
power quality analysis and in electrical systems design since 1989. His work
concerning electrical systems has been mainly focused in improving the
design of existing facilities and their protective systems as well as in
increasing their reliability, all under a practical point of view. During
the last years David has developed a wide work on power systems ranging from
low voltage to high voltage ones. His main interests are real time power
factor compensation, SVC's and related technology, sparse generation,
machine condition remote monitoring, protective devices coordination and
harmonic control in power systems both with static and dynamic compensation

                                                 email: david@powerqualitydoctor.com

Eng. Richard Batesko, B. Sc in Electrical Engineering from the College Of New Jersey, began his career in 1980 as an Electrical Design Engineer for military transformers and inductors for the space shuttle, B-1 Bombers, F-16 and shipboard equipment. In 1983 he entered into the field of power quality, designing Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression systems.  At present, his focus is in Power Quality Engineering/Project Management responsible for analysis, design, installation, testing and commissioning of power protection systems for the State and Federal government and many Fortune 500 companies in the US.

email: rich@powerqualitydoctor.com

Eng. Broshi Amir, B.Sc in Electrical Engineering (with honors) from Haifa Technion, began his career with power quality at 1988. With more than 20 years of experience Amir performed enormous power quality measurements, analysis and improvement projects.